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ETS Pattern ataraxia2709

ETS Prepbook Pattern
앞으로 2주간은 가능하지/입고되지 않겠네요. (192_1) It won't be available for another 2 weeks.
제가 본 전단지에는 안 나와 있던데요. (192_2) The flyer I saw didn't say.
규정을 보니까, S+V. (192_2) The rules say that S+V, (Exam)The rules say that my bike has to have a reflector.
그날 일찍 오셔야 합니다. (192_2) You should plan to come early that day.
교정을 확인했나요? (192_3) Have you checked the proof?
제가 막 그들에게 전화를 받았는데 S+V. (192_3) I've just got a call from them reminding us that S+V. (Exam)I've just got a call from them reminding us that Clean world managine will need to our design in 2 days.
오늘 퇴근전까지 제게 다시 보내줄 겁니다. (192_3) They'll try to get it back to me by the end of today.
그들이 완료하면 그러면 좋죠. (192_3) Let's hope they can.
어떤것 같아요? (192_4) How do you think it looks?
ST을 아주 많이 포함시킨 것은 훌륭해요. (192_4) It's great that you were able to incorporate so many of the ST.


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